About Mirage Shutters


Anyone who has ever seen or has had Plantation Shutters, can appreciate the beauty, the warmth, the timelessness that they bring to any area.

Over the centuries, shutters have stood the test of time and have been a leading source for light control, protection from the elements, and temperature control. Ancient Greece is said to have first developed the shutters out of marble. When use of the shutter spread throughout the Mediterranean and the Roman Empire, wood then became the building material of choice.

Later, with the development of glass windows, shutters made a gradual shift to the inside of homes. In the eighteenth century, as Western influence spread across The Americas, so too did the sophisticated design of the louvered shutter. Its look and feel contributed greatly to the charm of Colonial (later Traditional) style, from the Caribbean and across North America.

Since that time, today's shutters have changed very little. New framing has allowed for more applications and easier installation. New materials beyond wood, such as aluminum and PVC, have propelled shutters to go even further and reach more environments. However, the classic look of the shutter has remained relatively untouched and unrevised for ages.

That soft, faint, beautiful glow, that only a shutter's louver, coupled with the sun's rays, can provide, has changed very little.

Until now.